The Anywhere Standing Desk for Laptops


The Anywhere Standing Desk for Laptops


The Anywhere Standing Desk for Laptops


The Anywhere Standing Desk for Laptops


The Simplified Standing Desk for Laptops


I first saw the X-stand on Kickstarter. As a Physical Therapist I am always searching for innovative equipment to help my family, my employees and my patients. This product brings in so much value for the money. Clean look, easy and light to carry making this such a portable product to help busy people achieve great posture and decrease stress on your back even on the move! We have one in our office and at home. Our patients frequently purchase them! Sitting is proclaimed as the new smoking of years past, so purchase this product and do your spine a favor and STAND using your X-Stand and laptop to work throughout the day!

Christine Roper, PT,PYT, owner Roper Physical Therapy and Myofascial Release
The X-Stand presented the perfect opportunity for me to try out a “standing desk” solution. It's surprisingly lightweight, so easy to use and I can alternate easily between standing and sitting whenever, wherever I want. I love how it has two different height levels, which makes it easier to adapt to different work environments. I found an unexpected use for the X-Stand: I do a lot of video calls and the X-Stand is the perfect solution to elevate my laptop camera for a more professional angle. Perfect! I'm proud to have a product that is made in the USA and made with sustainable materials. Keep up the good work!
Shannon ThomasDirector of Product ManagementHunter Douglas
There are so many reasons to feel great about this purchase! Standing for hour increments throughout the day has helped both with my productivity and my posture; who knew sitting for long periods could be so draining? It was made in the USA, from sustainable materials no less, with great quality and attention to detail. All of that combined with the excellent customer service, from start to finish, including a personalized thank you note in my shipment, makes this a product I will feel good about using for a long time.
Rebekah Lindsay
The X-stand has been a hit. I love it!  I use it every presentation and it generates comments. I wish I had it sooner, it is so much better than allowing the laptop to slide around.
Don Minges, Numbers Guy CFO & Public Speaker
Great investment for health, control over work environment, and ease of travel. I purchased my X-STAND after reviewing myriad articles pertaining to the negative health outcomes associated with prolonged sitting. I travel extensively in my work and have found that the X-STAND allows me to adjust my work environment to fit my needs as it provides two heights. The lightweight (Bamboo) and sturdy construction ensures that it will hold up to the hazards of travel. As an older female I especially appreciate the lightweight and ease of assembly.
Theresa Furlong
This thing is awesome!! Sitting all day was killing my back but I couldn't justify spending hundreds on a standing desk. Boom!! Perfect solution. It's sturdier than I had thought and is super convenient and portable. Definitely recommend!!
Anne Lawton
The X-Stand was a great find for me, especially as a remote worker. It allows me to take a standing desk to wherever I end up coworking. My compact house really can’t deal with the bulk of a standing desk so this stand works perfectly. The total icing on the cake is that it’s made in the US with sustainable materials (bamboo) and looks sharp. I love talking about the X-Stand whenever people come over and ask me about it!
Lisa Kalner-Williams
The versatility and portability make the X-Stand extremely valuable in both the workplace and at home. The two different heights the X-Stand provides (either 9 inches or 12 inches) allows me to use the X-Stand at different desk heights…whether in the office or at a client’s location…and even at home. The fact I am able to carry the X-Stand in my backpack is another feature I have found to be extremely valuable…and the fact it is attractive in appearance makes for both a good conversation piece as well as a great addition to whatever desktop the X-Stand uses. The X-Stand comes with my highest recommendation…and to those seeking a portable and versatile alternative to sitting most of your work day, be encouraged to stand with an X-Stand.
Ken Anderson
I spend most days seated behind a desk running my business. Lots of time on the phone and computer and I’m sedentary the whole time. X-stand™ gets me on my feet and I feel healthier at the end of the day. I’ve even lost a few pounds because I’m up and moving around while I’m doing my job. Thank you guys for creating a great product. It looks great and I’m proud to use it at work and at home. I think we will need a few more as my wife and kids want to get their hands on it too.
Dave PirklePresident & CEO Surgitrac Corporation
LOVE my X-Stand™!  I have a Varidesk at the office and it's great for multiple monitors…I'd recommend it to anyone.  But X-Stand™ is exactly what I was looking for at home and on-the-go. When I'm done using it, I simply put it in a drawer, on the shelf, under my desk or back in my tote or briefcase. It's super simple and minimalist and I love that you get both a 9″ and 12″ standing desk converter in one. Because of the design, it's very stable and doesn't rock back and forth–and the corner pads protect my work surfaces. It didn't cost a fortune, doesn't look goofy at home and I can take it with me where I work. It was the standing desk I was looking for…
B Anderson


Lightweight , less than 3 lbs
Folds completely flat


Adjusts to 9" or 12" height
Assembles in seconds


Made from beautiful, strong bamboo and Intentionally Made in America
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There’s mounting research showing that sitting for long periods of time not only causes minor discomforts such as back pain and muscle aches, but can also contribute to more severe health problems like premature death from cardiovascular issues, cancer and chronic health conditions.

“Effects of prolonged sitting not typically offset by exercise”.

– 2015 Annals of Internal Medicine

“Physical inactivity has been identified as the fourth-leading risk factor for death for people all around the world.”

-World Health Organization

“We lose 2 hours of life for every hour we sit.”

-Dr. James Levine, Director of the Mayo Clinic-Arizona State University Obesity Solutions Initiative


Adriana McLane | adriana@getxstand.com

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