From the backyard to the beach, the mountains to the BWCA, I grew up loving the outdoors–especially being around any kind of body of water.

Then in 1999, right out of school, I had the opportunity to invest a year teaching high school English in southern China.  It was awesome on so many levels.  But there, for the first time, my eyes were opened to the fact that in many, many areas of China, blue skies are extremely rare (and even more so today).  Since then, traveling has opened my eyes to the fact that for much of the world's population, a blue sky is something only seen in pictures, far-away destinations or Photoshop.

During this time I was also exposed to bamboo not only as a building material but as scaffolding in skyscrapers.  It's light, strong, durable, plentiful and replenishing.


So when it came time to build our own business from the ground up, we chose to partner with Alterna Corp. to offer the best in sustainably-sourced, CARB II compliant, FSC-certified bamboo.

Bamboo is widely considered to be one of the most sustainable building materials on the planet because of its rapidly renewable properties.

Bamboo can be grown with no added fertilizers, pesticides or irrigation and can sequester up to 70% more carbon per year than a hardwood forest—helping offset carbon dioxide emissions.  Bamboo can also be harvested without the need to replant, as its root structure naturally regenerates.

Bamboo is actually a grass and certain species of bamboo can actually grow as much as one inch in an hour. But despite being a grass, bamboo performs like many popular hardwood species such as oak or cherry, which can take decades to mature and replenish.

Really want to be amazed and inspired?  Check out Elora Hardy’s TED Talk about bamboo that first inspired us to explore innovative solutions using bamboo.

Intentionally sustainable and made in America, we're confident you’re going to LOVE using your X-Stand™.  AND we want you to know you can be as proud of X-Stand™ as we are.

Work well,

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