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We're obsessed with finding ways to work well.  Doing the work that matters most to us, doing it well and with healthy work habits are the goals we are after.  Check out our latest findings, tools, and thoughts we hope will help you work well!

Podcasts = Productivity. Here are 7 of my favorites.

One of the most consistent ways I've found to get valuable insights, cool productivity and business tips/tools all while making the most of my daily commute or walking-the-dog time.....PODCASTS. That's right, podcasts = productivity. There are SO many podcasts to...

Reflecting on Our First Year of X-Stand™

Rounding the corner on Year One since our launch on Kickstarter, let's be honest, it's been a range of emotions: excited, proud, hopeful, encouraged, disappointed, discouraged, tired, frustrated, amazed, grateful, focused, motivated... Here's a personal take from each...

Having a Ball at Work! Check out My Secret…

I’m so excited to share with you a great stability chair I’ve been using. Of course, we love the health and productivity we experience with our X-Stand™, the simplest standing desk for laptops, but we are also obsessed with balance and all the ways to work well.  It's...

Dear Class of 2017

It's graduation season and we thought it would be fun to reflect back on the time when we were graduates and ask ourselves, “What do we wish we would have known then….”. We hope you will find it valuable!

What Can the Guys From Night at the Roxbury Teach Us About Focus?

It's all about the beat! Concentration and focus are critical in doing the work that moves us. But both are getting harder and harder to achieve with the abundance of distractions that keep our “flow state” at bay. Focus@Will uses music with the right beats per minute proven to help with focus. It's has become a staple in my daily battle for concentration.

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