Mother's Day is the perfect day to honor that very special woman.  Click below to enter to win our first ever “My Mom Stands For” contest!  Just tell us in 400 words or less what your mom stands for and we will select a winner to receive an X-Stand™ shipped in time for Mother's Day!

We thought we would kick this contest off by taking a shot at this task ourselves.  See how we did 🙂

D:  My Mom Stands For…

To compress anyone’s example and legacy into a mere (400) words is certainly an unfair and tall task, so here we go.

FAMILY.   First, my mom has always prioritized, protected and invested in family time.  Nothing brings her greater joy than serving, loving and simply being together.

ENCOURAGEMENT.  She’s also an encourager, but not just with family.  She’s intentional in building people up, consistently.

D's Awesome Mom!

SACRIFICIAL ENGAGEMENT & KINDNESS.  My mom never meets a stranger.  She goes out of her way to engage and bless others with kindness.  I sometimes get too focused on my checklist.  She’s present enough to authentically engage those around her, particularly those who need it most.

EXCELLENCE.  Ever since I was a kid, she showed me the value of getting my work done first and then playing.  But when you do your work, you do it with excellence.  I still remember her inspecting my yard work as a kid—and making me go back outside if it wasn’t done right.  She didn’t coddle me.  She prepared me.

STEWARDSHIP & TRUST.  She showed me to appreciate the gifts and blessings you’ve received, enjoy them and share them.  Stewardship, frugality, generosity…and trust.  Growing up, we never had a curfew in our house.  We were trusted.  My favorite line in the movie Saving Private Ryan is “Earn this” –especially because my maternal grandfather’s name was John H. Miller.  Her example and trust empowered me and made me better…her trust compelled me to “earn it” and to make her proud.

WELLNESS.  We grew up on white bread, Doritos, and soft drinks.  I ate my first salad at a major donor event in college, to be polite…really.  But increasingly over the past (20) years or so, my mom has learned and taught us so much about health and wellness.  It has transformed how my family and I eat, influenced my hobbies and impacted both the scope and purpose of X-Stand™, the first of many purposeful and entrepreneurial ventures we are planning.

Adriana:  My Mom Stands For….


COURAGE. I don't think I truly grasped the extent of my mom’s courage until I had my own child. As a mother, I can now appreciate the courage it must have taken for my mom, a devout Catholic circa 1971, to divorce a dangerous husband and raise a daughter by herself. The pressure of being a single parent seems unimaginable to me, and add to that the stigma placed on a divorced woman in the early 70’s. Trust me, it wasn’t cool. In fact, my friends weren’t allowed to spend the night with me because my mom was divorced. I think the other moms were afraid it was a contagious disease. I’m so grateful and proud that Mom had the courage to do what she had to do to keep us safe and provide a great life for me.

Adriana and Her Awesome Mom, Easter 1973

WORK ETHIC: “Adriana, you have to work harder than everyone else if you want to get ahead in this world!” Those are words I heard a million times growing up but they are also the words she lives by. Mom went to night school to get her degree while working at least two jobs when I was very small. Even after that, she always had a minimum of two side gigs in addition to her full-time job to make sure we could afford a home in a safe neighborhood. She’s never been afraid of hard work and luckily for me, she set the expectation that nothing good would come easily.

CONFIDENCE: Mom is my role model for confidence. (How else could she pull off that hat?) She’s made bold moves in her life and transitioning from an Office Manager to an Entrepreneur is just one example of how she leaned into fear. She was an early believer in the growth mindset telling me, “You can be anything you want to be as long as you work very hard and don’t give up”. Every child should be so fortunate to grow up with the confidence that she has the power to be exactly who she wants to be.

You can’t pick your parents – it’s like a lottery. You also can’t deny how much of your success and who you are is because of their influence. My mom stands for everything a mom should stand for. I didn’t just get lucky…I hit the mom jackpot and I am forever grateful.

Brian:  My Mom Stands For….


INTELLIGENCE...still the wisest person I know.

Brian's Awesome Mom

COMPASSION….no matter what I do, she always sees the best in me.

JOY… dances at every opportunity with no hesitation.

LAUGHTER… knee-slapping bursts at the most ridiculous and un-funny things.

PERSEVERANCE… college at 48 and successful career for the next 20 years.

CONQUERING… two crosswords a day!

STYLE… never a stitch out of place.

SELF-RELIANCE… never doing for us when we needed to learn to do it for ourselves.

MAKING, before being “A Maker” was cool…. furniture refinisher, seamstress, painter, carpenter.

CURIOSITY… kept a dictionary handy for every word she heard and didn’t know.

TOUGHNESS…. homework in our house; always done, or else.

LOVE… unconditional and total.

COMPETITIVENESS…. club champion, twice.

ADVOCATE…Those who can’t stand for themselves… friend and advocate of those who have no voice.

FAMILY… the cornerstone that made ours work.

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