I’m so excited to share with you a great stability chair I’ve been using. Of course, we love the health and productivity we experience with our X-Stand™, the simplest standing desk for laptops, but we are also obsessed with balance and all the ways to work well.  It's so important to have the right environment where you do most of your work.

There’s no shortage of evidence that sitting for prolonged periods of time is detrimental to our health. After all, that was the inspiration behind X-Stand™. However, it’s not optimal to stand all day either.  Balance is always the answer.  Alternating back and forth between sitting and standing with breaks of motion and activity, like walking or stretching, is the best bet and something I strive to do each day.

So, when you’re going to sit, might as well do it right.  I was using an old school rolling chair that was at least 15 years old. Christine Roper of Roper Physical Therapy and VIP member of X-Stand™ Nation (we LOVE Christine), inspired me to reconsider my sitting solution.

After much research, I landed on the Isokinetics Adjustable Ball Chair. I was a bit apprehensive and my husband suggested I might even want to hold on to my old chair just in case this didn’t work out so well or if I needed time to transition to using it as my primary chair.

Holy, moly, I love it!  From the moment I began using it, I could appreciate the way it forced me to work on my core for stability. When I stand, my posture is pretty good, but sitting is always a challenge.  It’s so easy to roll back when I transition to using my X-Stand, which is several times a day. And, if you fill the ball chair up with enough air, you can bounce a little too!

I never went back to the old rolling chair and had planned on disposing of it, but my Ginger, my canine co-worker has hijacked it and she seems rather content.

We’d love to know what types of chairs have worked well for you. Shoot us a note and how us your best work environment!

Work well,

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