The Simplest Standing Desk.

Over the past two years, we've become true believers in the standing desk movement. We love to stand while working because it makes us feel better, more alert, fresher at the end of the day, and more productive. But like many professionals today, we found ourselves using our laptops in varied environments: home office on Tuesday, kitchen on Saturday morning, coffee shop Wednesday afternoon, office on Friday.

So we shopped for a standing desk that would fit our mobile work lifestyles. The criteria was simple; a standing desk with the ability to quickly put our laptops at a comfortable height and stand anywhere we chose to work. And when we were done working, to stow it away or transport it with zero hassle. Oh, and it needed to look cool!

What we found was complexity. Expensive, permanent desks that bound us to one workspace and bulky, intrusive, overly adjustable contraptions that had far more features that we needed. That's how X-Stand™ was born; with a goal of delivering what we demanded in a mobile standing desk, but no more.

After multiple iterations we loved a minimalist approach most: two 12″ x 12″ pieces, providing the two right heights. The two-paneled bamboo design slots together to create a sturdy work surface and allows the X-Stand™ to set up and break down in seconds to create a standing desk anywhere you want to work. There is no adjustment needed to choose your comfortable height, simply flip it 90 degrees.

Two Pieces - Stores flat

The Right Material.

We want you to know you can be as proud of X-Stand™ as we are. Through our entire development process, one thing remained constant; FSC-certified bamboo as the material of choice. Renewable, beautiful, lightweight and sturdy. Given the opportunity to develop a product from scratch, it was exciting to be able to create solutions that bring long-term value to those that use them–using materials that have minimal resource impact. And X-Stand™ is proudly made in the USA. Because creating a solution that folks can be proud of is just as important as developing something they simply love to use. We’ve found great purpose bringing together essentialist design, sustainable materials and localized production—in a solution that folks love to use because it helps improve their focus, energy and efficacy.

Your Standing Desk. Anywhere.

We've found the X-Stand™ to be an indispensable tool for a daily routine and we're ready to share the X-Stand™ with folks who share the same frustrations as we did trying to find a simple, flexible, portable standing desk. 

Thanks for letting us share a bit of our journey. We are looking forward to having you join the X-Stand™ Nation!


Lightweight , less than 3 lbs
Folds completely flat


Adjusts to 9" or 12" height
Assembles in seconds


Made from beautiful, strong bamboo and Intentionally Made in America
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