You've read the articles, the medical journals, the blogs, even the cynics…and you took the plunge.  But for real, now what?  Or, maybe you're thinking about a standing desk, but you're not quite sure.  In the first of a multi-part series, we're here to bring some practical advice–informed by research and our personal experience too.

The biggest misconception about a standing desk is that you need to stand all day.  The thing to remember is that it's not about sitting, it's not about standing…it's about movement.

So, how much should you stand?


Shoot for 2 Hours A Day


Of course, the experts have differing opinions when it comes to how much standing is best, but the consensus seems to be to simply start by spending at least two hours of your day NOT sitting.  How you do it isn't the point, just “get off your arse”.

How did I start and what do I do now?

I start my work days standing, which is nice after the morning commute–and I stand until I get tired.  And then I sit.  When it would feel good to stand, then I stand.  And when I get tired, I sit…and so on.  Now, I probably spend 50% – 60% of my day standing.  I take most of my calls standing up, walking and/or pacing.  Sometimes I even do walking meetings.  You've got to “know your audience” for sure, but it's refreshing and productive on many levels.  Or, walk over to a colleague's desk instead of calling or sending an email.  Take the stairs instead of the elevator.  Park further away.  Simple stuff.

Some folks set timers or reminders to stand.  Yes, there's even an app for that.  Check out the Stand Up! app.

Stand Up! App


Whether you're sitting or standing, don't get sloppy on your posture–which definitely takes practice, endurance, and some grace too.  And, if you're like me, you'll soon find yourself standing more and more…you'll want to.  While there's mounting data about a correlation between standing and increased focus and productivity, quite simply, you'll just feel better.

So, as your primary standing desk, a secondary one or even as a gateway to see if a standing desk is right for you, check out X-Stand™.  It will improve the way you work.  All you need to do is start.

Work well,

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