Apparently, focus is all about the beat!

Concentration and focus are critical in doing the work that moves us. But both are getting harder and harder to achieve with the abundance of distractions that keep our “flow state” at bay.

I’m always excited to share proven tools that have helped me with focus, and Focus@Will has become a staple in my daily battle for concentration.

How Does Focus@Will Work?

According to their website, Focus@Will claims scientists have discovered that your personality type will help determine what kind of music helps you hyper-focus. They ask you a few questions to help you determine your focus music fit.

Focus@will is “scientifically engineered music proven to increase focus and reduce distractions” resulting in “4X your productivity”.

Interestingly enough, my hyper-focus music channel, UpTempo, sounds pretty much like the music you would expect the Roxbury Guys from Saturday Night Live to be bobbing their heads to. Click on the image below to get an example of the UpTempo channel.


The beats per minute have to be spot on with the song “What is Love,” don't ya think?

There are several channels including two of my other favorites, Alpha Chill and Focus Spa, which allow you to change things up based on the type of work you are doing, your mood, or preference.


Focus@Will really works!

I’ve been using Focus@Will for over a year, and I swear by it.  It's trained my brain.  Listening to UpTempo channel is a trigger for my brain to get into the flow state.

The key is using is over time, so it becomes a trigger.

Another feature that's rather handy is the timer.  I’ll set the timer for an hour or forty-five minutes to help me stay disciplined on a task. It’s perfect for those projects that required bigger chunks of high-concentration time.

Focus@Will offers a free trial for the first two weeks, and it’s available across all devices. It’s $9.95 per month after that, and you can cancel anytime.  Try it!

Even More Tips for the Seriously Focus Challenged

For a more comprehensive set of tips and techniques to help you with concentration, check out this post, “How to Improve Concentration and Focus in Your Life”, from our friends at Health Ambition.

We’d love for you to share any tools you use to help you achieve focus and concentration. What works for you?

Work well,


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