We are always amazed by the great customers we have here at X-Stand Nation. A resourceful and creative bunch, most certainly!  X-Stand™ is a great solution for a work-anywhere standing desk, but we’d like to share with you (4) inventive uses for your X-Stand™ that will help you get the most from your faithful laptop companion.

#1: Elevate Your Laptop Screen


Courtesy @erikjfisher on Instagram

Our good friend, Erik Fisher, hosts a terrific, award-nominated podcast on productivity perspectives called “Beyond The To Do List”. We are big fans of BTTDL and we've even sponsored one of Erik’s episodes on remote working!  Erik has been a wonderful advocate for X-Stand™ ever since backing us on Kickstarter last Fall and we are so grateful.


In addition to standing work breaks, Erik also uses his X-Stand™ to elevate his laptop monitor in conjunction with his Wi-Fi keyboard and mouse. Check out his X-Stand solution.

#2: Record a Facebook Live Video or Skype call/Webinar

Jen at Backspace Media has found an ingenious way to use her X-Stand and laptop for recording Facebook Live videos. Jen and her team at Backspace Media provide valuable content and consultation services with a truly unique approach to social media strategy. Here's Jen's set up for her Wine Wednesday video:


Courtesy of @backspacemedia on Facebook



#3: Trade Show/Business Booth Sign Ups

Deanna of Employer’s Advantage runs one of the fastest growing companies in Charlotte designed to help small business with those human resource needs that are critical to success but difficult to navigate without expert guidance.

Deanna recently used her X-Stand™ to make information signup much easier for her prospective clients. Check out her set up at the Charlotte Business Journal Small Business Expo this month.


Courtesy of www.employersadvantagellc.com


#4: Heavy Book? No Problem.

Anthony Bourdain's “Appetites”

I received Anthony Bourdain's new cookbook, “Appetites” last Christmas.  I knew it would be a great cookbook, but this collection of recipes was built with his 9-year-old daughter in mind, which makes it extra special. Make no mistake, like most classic cookbooks it’s a heavy load to carry.

I used the X-Stand™ to carry the load and it worked great!




Thanks to the X-Stand™ community for these inspiring ideas!   We’d love to know if you’ve found interesting ways to use your X-Stand™ and of course, we love to receive photos of how you are using your X-Stand™ as a laptop stand too!

Work well,

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